Gibson, California
United States


I'm a true cruise lover, and am available to be a cruise mate, if the timing works. ~ THE IMPORTANT STUFF :-) ~ CPAP wearer who doesn't snore. I'm usually in bed between 11pm and 1am, up and out around 8am. I prefer to keep a clean room (clothes kept in the closet). Nonsmoking social drinker (my bar tab is usually under $200). May hook-up on ship back in the room, but respectfully and not with a revolving door or going into the late evening. Quiet, introverted kind of guy who enjoys the company of guys who are light-hearted, good conversationalists,and can enjoy a laugh. On the ship because I genuinely enjoy cruising, not because it's an excuse to get falling down drunk. Most guys are at ease with me right away. My ideal cabin mate would share the above qualities. There's lots more to share, but the important item for now is that I love cruising! If you need a cruise partner, let me know; I might be free to join you. I live in California, so the best cruises for me are west-coast based. However, if I can score a good airfare, I'll travel to the ship. Also, my preferred cruise line is Princess.

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