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Star Pride

Sat Apr 01, 2017 11:51 am

The Star Pride is a very nice ship and our cruise from Aruba to Barbados was excellent!  The staterooms on the Star Pride are very large (277 sq.ft.) and that is amazing.  Even a walk-in closet and marble bath.  There were two dinner restaurants (Candles is provided for one night during the trip).  I found the regular dining room, which is new and beautiful, to be the better location and best food.  Breakfasts and lunches were on an upper deck with either indoor or outdoor seating.  We preferred the outside and it was never too windy or rough for that.  This ship is newly refitted and has a wonderful crew who knew our names the first morning we were there.  While only a 212 passenger ship, there were two entertainment couples who were good.  I did feel bad for one of them as they are quite good and the sound system in the Compass Rose venue is just terrible and I wasn't able to convince them to just unplug two of the four speakers that were built in and facing each other.  Lower volume could have helped some as well.
I would love to have had a clothing optional "hot tub" and there could have easily been one given the fact that one is way up front and few found it to enjoy the deck and tub.  Maybe it was the wind there but I loved the location.
The food was fine with breakfasts being excellent.  Some dinners were great, some just OK.  The service was so good that it made up for some of the less than stellar entries.  After learning not to select beef, all the remaining dinners were quite good.
The Star Pride will be on a gay charter cruise in July, cruising around Iceland.  I would love that but the charter cost is just too high for me.  
When we docked at the end of the cruise, the Wind Star was docked behind us and I will definitely cruise on Windstar Lines again and maybe even the Wind Star.  Would certainly cruise on the Star Pride again as well!  Many thanks to a great crew!