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Bare Cruises

Wed Oct 31, 2018 1:21 pm

We know these specialty cruises aren't for everyone but we absolutely love the yearly cruises organized by Bare Necessities.  They charter large ships like Celebrity and Carnival and have fun, clothing optional cruises in the Caribbean for 9-10 days every February with some clothing optional destinations as well.  Yes they are mainstream cruises with 2500-3000 passengers but there are roughly 400-500 gays each year and tons of bi travelers.   This is definitely a no-drama, live and let live crowd with an average age in the mid 50's.  This will be our third cruise with them but they've been doing this yearly for 25+ years.  They have spoiled us and we don't want to cruise clothed anymore.    Everyone has the same list of questions when they hear about it - it's really not a big deal, just relax, it all works out.