Five Fave Photos from our Azamara North Sea cruise

We’re sharing our favorite photos (so far) from our still-in-progress North Atlantic/North Sea Cruise with Azamara Club Cruises. We hope these images help convey at least a portion of the exhilaration of this voyage. Once again, Azamara has given us new peak travel experiences.

The Danish capital of Copenhagen boasts a variety of architecture from the older traditional look to the stunningly modern. This is one of the most photogenic cities we’ve visited with new visual treats around every corner. The city also offers a wonderfully gay-friendly atmosphere, which makes visiting here even more delightful.

The famous “Seven Sisters” waterfall in Norway’s dramatic Geiranger fjord earns its UNESCO World Heritage status through its breathtaking beauty. Captain Johannes promised and delivered on “a couple of pirouettes” around the waterfall to help us drink in this stunning natural wonder from multiple angles.

Azamara Journey anchored off the village of Geiranger.  We took this photo from only partway up the mountains bordering the fjord. This is the everyday view of the people whose family farm we visited as part of Azamara’s cultural immersion program. Can you imagine seeing this view every day?


Massive cliffs standing guard over the harbor in Lerwick, capital of the Shetland Islands.  This windswept island chain is part of Scotland.  Ship tours run the gamut from walking the old town to visiting Viking Ruins or sailing to an adjoining island. The culture here continues, even to this day, to blend Celtic and Norse influences.

Who would expect a North Atlantic beach to look like something straight out of the Caribbean? Although the air and water temperatures are far from tropical, we saw locals swimming and sharing the cove with seals. Shetland Ponies and herds of sheep roam the grassy cliffs overlooking the beach.


All photos by Mark den Hartog