2017 CRUIZIES: voting opens soon for Gay Cruise Awards


Our community of LGBT cruise passengers has a powerful voice. Starting March 20, you have the chance to make your voice heard by the cruise industry by voting in the annual gay cruise awards: the CRUIZIE© Awards. Think of them like the Oscars/Tonys/Grammys* of gay cruise travel!

With approximately 15,000 members, we are able to make the cruise lines increasingly aware of LGBT cruise passengers and our unique wishes and needs. Just as the Oscars represent votes of people who understand their specific industry, the CRUIZIES clearly reveal LGBT cruise travelers’ opinions on a variety of cruise-related topics, ultimately awarding the cruise lines and other industry players who serve our community best.

2017 Cruizies

Since 2013, the annual CRUIZIE Awards has been our community’s most-powerful tool—or voice—in capturing the cruise industry’s, and broader travel industry’s, attention. Alongside results of our periodic member surveys and other information we gain from member interactions, our voice has helped bring lines like Celebrity and MSC “out of the closet” as advertisers directly to the LGBT community, including wave-breaking moments like showing same-sex couples doing couple-ish things in their marketing materials.

We’ve also been continually working with cruise lines to help them understand the value our community gives to onboard LGBT meetups and other issues.


Randall Shirley presents Dondra Ritzenthaler from Celebrity Cruises with a CRUIZIE Award for ‘Most Comfortable Cabins’. Photo ©Mark den Hartog

For the first three years, the CRUIZIE Awards were open to all who found the link and voted. Last year (2016) we eliminated votes from anyone not identifying as Lesbian, Gay, Bi, or Trans, and who was not a registered member of our community. This presented an even-more accurate picture of who we are and what our members value.

We hope you’ll participate in the 2017 CRUIZIE Awards, and encourage your LGBT friends to become members of MeetMeOnBoard and make their voices part of our collective chorus.

Happy voting!

*Oscars, Tonys, and Grammys are trademark of their respective organizations, and are in no way affiliated by nor endorsers of the CRUIZIE Awards. Although some of their voters may be crossovers…