Russia’s War Against Rainbows


Russia seems to be putting out the ‘Unwelcome Mat’

The New York Times recently carried an article about recent developments in Russia.  It seems that Russian cities are falling over themselves to outlaw “propaganda of homosexuality” including the use of rainbows.

This was interesting to us especially because of our Baltic cruise with Atlantis a couple of summers ago.  St. Petersburg was mentioned in the article, and we chose the cruise because of the extended time there.

We were on a bus tour of the city, and the 20-something female guide was giving us the traditional “on your left you’ll see….and on your right you’ll see…” treatment.  At one of the stops I spoke to her and explained that the tour was made up totally of gay men.

“If you know any gay people we’d be interested to find out what you could tell us about their experience living in Russia as a LGBT person,” I said.

“Well, I can help you, because I am not straight myself” she responded.

Our guide went on to say that it was difficult being gay anywhere in the Soviet Union.  Moscow was among the worst, she said, but if you were gay or lesbian, St. Petersburg was the place to be.  How things change in a short time.

Read the entire New York Times article.