Cruises you probably never heard about


Hello cruisers. I’m going cruising this week, and doing it on a cruise line you’ve likely never heard of: Groupe CTMA. The cruise sails entirely in Canadian waters, departing Montréal and sailing up the St. Lawrence Seaway to the Magdalene Islands (Les Iles de le Madeleine). While most passengers on the ship will sail round-trip back to Montréal with stops in the Magdalenes, Québec City, and Chandler, I’ll be staying in the islands for several nights at a gay-owned B&B, la Butte Ronde.

I’ll keep you up to date on the experience, but I suspect it will be fantastic. The eye-candy alone in Québec should make it a delightful journey!

I suspect gay cruise passengers do more of these types of trips than anyone knows, on small ships or through ferry companies. A couple of years back I took a cruise in the Arctic on Cruise North – another line most people have never heard of. You can learn more about that experience by clicking here.

Have you ever done a cruise on a little-known cruise line? Share your experience below!